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Surfujeme mezi styly


My name is Lenka Ryšková. My interest in various forms of personal development has lasted since about 1991, when I started with meditation, I have been practicing taichi since 1996, I currently teach it, I run a taichi and qigong coaching school, I practice Taoist sundo yoga.


My experience of teaching different age groups has inspired me to come up with an exercise that will include elements of taichi, sundo, postural work, relaxation techniques and meditation to suit different target groups.


I meet people who start exercising and soon they find out, that they can't breathe, they can't stretch, they can't concentrate or perceive the body. Practicing yoga or taichi then looks like a big bite. And then the bite might go a bit sour. Because currently it turns out to be more useful to deal with something else. So I offer techniques and exercises for different degrees of determination and various starting line.

At the beginning of 2020, I started learning body-surfing in New Zealand. It's nice to start a new activity after the age of fifty. Especially for me, who thought I could do a lot with my body, it was a nice awakening to the reality of the New Zealand waves :)


An intense experience of catching a good wave at the right moment, keeping the body in a good setting and connecting with the flow of the wave, seems extremely tempting to me. It's like flowing in the natural whirlpool of the energy element of the sea, like participating in its vitality and power.


Surfing between styles during exercise is a challenge to find for ourselves a wave on which we will feel good energy, in the fullness of our being, very present in body and mind, in the middle of events.

Let's not be afraid of new beginnings. The world still has many surprises for us.


You can choose:

- combined "surfing" exercises according to your condition and preference or specifically

- exercises for the development and cultivation of breath - flow form (type of tai chi form)

- sundo (Taoist yoga)


"Follow your nose" in the approach to your body. Go for what you sniff is right for you, where you feel resonance. When you feel it, your body and mind as a whole best accept and absorb the practice as a whole. Don't think "I have to get my belly flat", "I need to turn my head off". Try to practice what you enjoy. This is the best way to get to yourself and everything else will get organized accordingly. The next path will show. The ways of God are unpredictable. Believe in intuition and signs.